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We support the actors and crew of TITANIC no matter what other people think!

We are the proud supporters of the TITANIC team!!
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Always Remember to Make It Count! as Jack Dawson Would Say!
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Welcome to support_titanic, a LJ community to honor and support TITANIC (movie and ship); the actors and the crew that helped make the movie what it is today. This community was created by Julie julie_dicaprio and Ivana dicaprioangel. We are here to help unite the fans out there that supports and loves TITANIC, the actors, and the crew, up to this day, despite of what everybody might think of them. So, if you're that fan and you're not afraid to admit your obsession and your love for this movie and the fellow actors, what are you waiting for! This community is made just for you! Go ahead and join and help support the TITANIC team!

All that we ask is that you read the rules before joining, and don't forget to fill out that form that I (Ivana) have written up for you to use!

Have fun and remember! Make each day count!

Love, your fellow moderators,

Ivana (dicaprioangel) and Julie (julie_dicaprio)

Written by: Ivana (dicaprioangel)

01. This community was made for the sole purpose of gaining more fans to help support TITANIC, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, James Horner, and the other actors and crew that helped make the movie what it is today. If you don't find interest in TITANIC or anything else that relates to this community, I suggest you leave now. Because this is a community for fans not haters.

02. If you have any problems with the community, whether it's a problem with one of the members, or something you don't like about the community, don't hesitate to e-mail either Julie (julie_dicaprio) or myself (dicaprioangel). We would do the best we can to make this community a better place for all of you.

03. You are allowed to post any news you find on TITANIC (both the movie and the real ship); Leonardo DiCaprio; Kate Winslet; James Horner; and ANY other actor or crew member that appeared or helped in the movie. The more, the merrier, I always say.

04. If you find any pictures that relates to either of the listed above, don't hesitate to post them! Just be sure that if they're high-quality, of if they're more than one, just make sure they're behind a lj-cut. We wouldn't want to clog our member's friend's page, now would we?

05. Respect everyone's opinion, please. We don't want any problems in this community. It's okay to disagree, but don't get to the point where you're causing trouble with the other members of this community. It's an opinion after all, and everyone has the right to their opinion, whether you agree with them or not. Just as you have the right for yours.

06. Graphics are allowed . . . but to a limit. They must ONLY relate to TITANIC (either movie or ship); Leonardo DiCaprio; Kate Winslet; James Horner, and anybody else that contributed to the movie/ship. We just don't want to see this community flooded with only icons and other graphics. This is not a graphics community. But we will allow for you to post them, since we know there are plenty of talented graphic makers out there.

07. No promoting communities UNLESS they relate to TITANIC; Leonardo DiCaprio; Kate Winslet; James Horner; or anyone else that is a part of the movie. We don't want this community to be too cluttered with promotions.

08. If you want to be an affiliate, feel free to make a request. There will be a post about it, as soon as possible.

09. You are free to spread the word about this community. The more members we have, the better.

10. To prove that you have read the rules, at the end of the form that you will use to join, type: support the Titanic team following "I will forever . . ."

11. And the most important rule of all: ENJOY YOUR STAY HERE AND HAVE FUN! :)

The Form

This is the form that you will use to help introduce yourself.

Your favorite actor/actress (from the movie) and why:
Your favorite part of the movie:
When did you first fall in love with the movie?
Do you love the movie just as much now?
What's your favorite song from the soundtrack? (either one of the two)
Do you have a favorite quote from the movie? If so, what is it?
Are you more a fan of the movie or the ship? Or both?
What's one thing you love most about the movie?
What's one thing you love most about the ship?
How many years have you been of fan of either the movie, the ship, or the actors?
I will forever . . . (read rules first)

PLEASE READ THE RULES FIRST! Because when you do, you know what belongs after "I will forever . . .". You don't make up your own sentence to it. I have provided a wording to put after that just so we could know that you have read the rules! It's not that hard! :)

To show that you actually care and support the TITANIC team, take a banner and place it anywhere on your journal/site to show your friends your love for TITANIC and the actors. You could use the code provided, however, make sure that you have uploaded the banner to your own server. We don't appreciate hotlinking. Also, don't forget to link it back to support_titanic so that we could get more supporters! :)

Click Here to Pick a Banner and Show you Care :)

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